About Amy - amyproctor

     I'm an American landscape and travel photographer/writer, photojournalist and news photographer.  My passion is landscape photography and traveling. 

     As an Army wife I move around a lot so I work for various military and civilian  newspapers. I also love mentoring amateur photographers and leading expeditions into some epic, amazing places.  

     My work has been featured on CNN, the National Geographic website, among others.  I sell prints, canvases, etc. in this website in the Galleries Section. 

     I've been married for 29 years and the hubby and I have four amazing children.

     I can be found on Instagram at iluvNewZealand.

     Facebook at An American Photographer FB

     My philosophy can be found here on Regina's website at God's Creation through Amy's Lens.  

     I can be reached at familypeople6@aim.com.




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